A visit to the Centre for Socio-psychological rehabilitation of children «Zlagoda» 2011-05-14

Hello, friends!

May 14 was made a trip to the center of social and psychological rehabilitation of children «Zlagoda» (White Church).
In this live Centre Children age 3 to 17 years, in most cases with both parents, but that is not able to contain children or temporarily deprived of rights. With Children actively psychologists and educators, the children go to school, they is stipulated 5 meals a day, there are several children’s slides on the street (pretty old).
Center building over 100 years, and the Center needs, among other things, and in the repair of the roof, as the latter takes place, as shown by the drip indoors. Girls and boys live at home, boys room looks like a living room, a very ancient repair.
Children always need the center and in things and toys, educational games, and food including fruit. Gymnasium incomplete, there is only a staircase and circles. As there is a need for a children’s summer holidays — summer camp, resort, etc., currently offers for the summer holidays for children at the center not.

Fund were transferred to two boxes of toys and games, 4 packages of clothing and footwear, as well as 16 new winter suits (jacket + overalls) for children aged 5 to 10 years, as well as stationery, including clay, which were very happy children.

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