Visiting a childish dom «Cradle of Children’s Hope» 2011-04-16

16.04.2011 Founders Fund and patrons Blagomay visited the orphanage «Cradle of Hope dityachoї», which is located at the Garden Street 12, in the village of Novoselki, Kiev Sviatoshynsky district, Kyiv region. At the orphanage, now home to 30 children aged 2-16 years, the lion’s share of which orphans or children whose parents are deprived of parental rights.

More information about the children’s home, you can find on the site of the orphanage, but I would like to share personal feelings. Himself orphanage has a well-equipped children’s playground on the street, the only thing lacking benches as existing or broken or built improvised. Inside the orphanage are all very clean and cleaned, fresh and neat repair. But most importantly it is the children and caregivers welcome. We were greeted very warmly and cordially, the children certainly shy at first, but then began to open before us their talents and hobbies. Participants of the trip was very surprising to see the boys up to 10 years started dancing breakdance, and at a very high level, but when the boys in the dance and the music and joined the girls, we were completely enchanted by what is happening. Two boys, gypsy, we sang a few songs «about my mother» and gypsy folk songs. As it turned out most of the children learn to sing, and actively engaged in gymnastics and dance, attend on a level with all the school and the church.

Participants of the trip got a lot of impressions. After a warm reception, we went to play and be photographed with children on the playground, where they played soccer, shared communication. As it turned out at the orphanage very actively carried out to the adoption of children. Among the children who have already met almost half within two months will be adopted by citizens Ameriki.

In the course of communication with the management of the orphanage, has been identified the need for food (cereals, juices, etc.), clothing, daily hygiene, with a list of needs can be found: or Guide orphanage sends thanks to all who are not indifferent to the fate of children, all who help, support and visits them. After all, for the kids is very important not just to get gifts, but feel that they do not care what they are cared for and do not forget.

Special thanks would like to express our patron Elena, who, among other things, made great photos of our trip!

Children’s Home were transferred to: 1) Cardboard timber house 2×2 meter 2) Food (juices, cereals, meat, potatoes)

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