A visit to the children’s homes 2011-04-10

I hasten to inform participants about the trip 10.04.2011 Charitable Fund «Blagomay» (Sharitymay) in two orphanages Kiev region — in seconds. Kopylov and village. Vorzel.
In addition to representatives of the charity fund «Blagomay» participated in the trip — patrons Konstantin Pashkevich and Julia Gaivoronskaya.

April 10, was scheduled to visit two points: «Kyiv city Orphanage» in the village. Vorzel and «Center of social and psychological rehabilitation of children» in s. Kopylov.

Guide orphanage sends thanks to all who are not indifferent to the fate of children, everyone who helps support and visits them. After all, for the kids is very important not just to get gifts, but feel that they do not care what they are cared for and do not forget.

On the way back to each of the participants of the trip had different feelings: sadness that had done so little joy — that has done so much and hope — that will do even more.

Special thanks to patrons: Dmitry V. Fedorenko (www.advocatefedorenko.com.ua), Konstantin Pashkevich, Julia gaivoronskaya, Elena, Nersesyanu Armen Sabirovich and our other patrons and sponsors participating in the programs of the fund Blagomay.

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