The visit to the orphanage «Lubystok» 2011-03-26


I want to share with you about his impressions of a trip to the orphanage, which is located in the village of Petrivtsi Vyshgorodskiy district, Kyiv region.

We left Saturday afternoon March 26, the road lay from Kiev toward Vyshgorod, which we happily went around and got through the forest in a large village in the historic tract Mezhyhiria (Mizhhiria) on the right bank of the Kiev reservoir. The emergence of the village is connected with the base Mezhyhirya Monastery, which was first mentioned in the XII century., But probably existed before. Widely known located in the village museum diorama «Battle for Kyiv in 1943 Lyutezhsky foothold.»

Orphanage «Lubystok» ( is a village close to the Intercession Church. Himself orphanage looks like a large single-storey private house, the old type. On the threshold near the orphanage we cordially welcomed by its director Zhadan Nikolai Mikhailovich. He said that the orphanage is home to 26 children, aged from 5 to 22 years, and the staff of the orphanage consists of 18 people. Children’s home has its own boiler, that the children have access to warm water at any time. At the orphanage also has a modern children’s ploschadka.i minifutbolnoe field. Many children are enrolled in a rural school, ability to make some of the children have students from different courses at the University of Kiev (music schools), and still they are always welcome in Lyubystke home.

This orphanage was not similar to those institutions that we have seen before. It was warm and cozy, and the truth home. When he learned that we had come to talk with the children and brought gifts, director showed us the whole orphanage and even a small and modest office. At the orphanage we visited six rooms, including the kitchen (which was in excellent condition), in general, children’s room and a computer room, which is set aside in a separate large room and consisted of up to 8 computers (unfortunately not all of them were new ).

Director openly talked about his past work experience when he was a teacher at the school and about what methods of educational work it applies to children in order to raise a decent human society and always in need of the medical profession, teacher, mechanic, etc .. As we seen in the principal’s office, there were many children medals in various sports, but football was even a cup, which children have won the competition on football between orphanages, boarding schools.

On our side, we have presented an orphanage always necessary things: clothes, shoes, educational books, grains and cereals, as well as a large cardboard house for young children.

Orphanage requires the following financial aid:

- The organization of educational excursions and trips;

- Building materials and construction services for the construction of the new premises of the orphanage;

- Equipment for children’s workshops (sewing machines, machine tools, etc.);

- Warm clothes and shoes;

- Sportswear and footwear;

- Fiction;

- Stationery;

- Training and educational games;

- Medicines.

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