A visit to the children’s homes 2011-03-19

That was the first spring meeting of the team «Blagomay» and children from two orphanages Kiev region.

Had a very great help and guide children specialized school — kindergarten «Triumph» (Kiev). Children and their parents were able to collect a large number of toys, clothes and books.

On behalf of the founders of the charitable foundation, as well as children who have been supported, we express gratitude to them!

In addition to representatives of the team «Blagomay» participated in the trip — a representative of the school «Triumph» — Tatiana and philanthropist Alain with their babies — Tatiana and Matthew. March 19 was scheduled to visit two terms — «Kyiv city Orphanage» in the village. Vorzel and «Center of social and psychological rehabilitation of children» in s. Kopylov.

In the village of Kopylov is «Center for Psychosocial Rehabilitation of children.» There are live and psychological rehabilitation of 46 children, aged from 4 to 17 years. In Kopylov are children whose parents are deprived of (limited) parental rights. As a rule, children 9-12 months of living there. Children brought there from all over the Kiev region. They are assisted by various experts and doctors, children go to secondary school. Kopylov. The center has a playground, it really needs to be updated.

Management of the center responded to a request to arrange a meeting with the children, we were given an assembly hall, where all gathered. Children were presented with gifts from the charitable foundation, at the request of the children they brought their joint photos.

There was also a meeting with the leadership and educators center. During the meeting we learned the basic needs of today — toys, books, and special equipment for training in the gym.

After talking, we still had to say goodbye to the kids and move to the next point of the visit — an orphanage in the village. Vorzel. An orphanage for 100 children, but now there are about 70detok (with cerebral palsy and developmental delay of speech, Down syndrome, socialization problems, people with disabilities), they are not all without parents. Many mothers (parents) send their children with cerebral palsy there for treatment, and there’s just come to visit. Also, children with Down syndrome, at the moment there are about 10-15 such people. And people with cerebral palsy 15-20, 10 which generally do not rise. All other like normal, but without parents. Age of children — from birth to 5 years. They were provided with basic necessities and personal care products (diapers, pads, etc.), as well as clothing for babies up to a year. In the course of communication with the management of the orphanage, has been identified the need for medication, clothing, daily hygiene, etc.

Guide orphanage sends thanks to all who are not indifferent to the fate of children, everyone who helps support and visits them. After all, for the kids is very important not just to get gifts, but feel that they do not care what they are cared for and do not forget.

On the way back to each of the participants of the trip had different feelings — sadness that had done so little joy — that has done so much and hope — that will do even more.

The next month, as planned trip, which we will report in advance, and describe in detail what is needed in the first place kiddies.

Maybe someone wants to join!

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