11.12.2014 — the charitable photo-exhibition-concert-auction «I am Ukrainian Child» took place in the restaurant “Opanas”

December 11, 2014 — the charitable photo-exhibition-concert-auction «I am Ukrainian Child» took place in the restaurant “Opanas”
Event providers: CF «Blagomay», photographer Katerina Kryuchkova,emcee Kira Kirilenko.
Fund raising address the purchases of the blankets for the Mishchenko family-type children’s home (Gorohuvatka village, Kagarlitskiy district, Kiev region) as a part of the program «Factory of Mirecles»2014/15

The guests had the opportunity not only to see, but also to buy the works o fKaterina Kryuchkova’s unique project. Photo session in national style, in national dress, with patriotic make-up/face painting was prepared in June 2014. Participants of this project are the children-migrants from the anti-terrorist operation zone that live in the camp «Rodovid Sich», Pirogovo Musiem, also orphans and children deprived of parental care from the Children Psychosocial Rehabilitation Center (Kopylov village, Makarovskiy district, Kiev region).

Children of all visitors were under the care of cheerful animators from the city of professions Kids Will (ART-Mall, Kiev), also children attended master class of forming vareniki from the restaurant “Opanas” chief cook. After children treated all visitors with their own cooking creations.

We appreciate our wonderful and responsive Ukrainian pop singers for the fabulous performance in favor of the event  «I am Ukrainian Child» especially: Eyra, Alisa Milosh, Nikita Lomakin, Lenara, Nadezhda Startseva, Andrey Chehmenok, Vitaliy Trikulicha and also young performers from the producer group Paradiz: Anya Vagabova, Darina Galitskaya, Sofiya Rol, group of children Open Kids.

We appreciate our kind-hearted and creative  needlework craftsmenwho actively participate in the fund visits of orphan homes with their master classes, for the works you gave: pussy cat made of felt (by Elena Volochkova); national chaplet-head-bands (by Anastasia Burmakina, designer of the studio «Flower Chic»); bulk candles, bouquet of flowers decorated with conifer tree twigs andgoffer-paper(studio «Shale» of Irina Kirichenko); toys made of natural fur (by Liza Radchenko); beauty cases full of cosmetics (the company COLOR ME); wooden wares from Artwood and Olga Olshanska.

And of course that day the restaurant «Opanas» also actively participated in the beneficent campaign. That day 50% of cost of each desserts was delivered to the fund «Blagomay» on the New-Year gifts for the children from the Mishchenko family-type children’s home that live in Gorohuvatka village (Kagarlitskiy district, Kiev region).
Everyone who purchased sweet dessert in the restaurant «Opanas», wonderful works of the needlework craftsmen and Katerina Kryuchkova’s photo works made a contribution in the greetings of children with the New Year Holidays.

Special gratefulness to our media partners:

Pink magazine, KRT channel and everybody who made reposts in the social networksJ

If you were not in time to donate on December 11 in the restaurant «Opanas» you always can do it on the Fund website!
We don’t get tire to appreciate you and we are waiting for you on the future events of the CF «Blagomay»!

Hurry up to do good things and help to children!


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