12.11.2014 Aquaintance with Moia Rodyna Children’s Home

On 12.11.2014 we visited Moia Rodyna Children’s Home to get aquainted with the children and take another orphanage in care.

The trip was taken with participation of the Chairman of Blagomai Charity Fund, Tetiana Skryhina:

«Residents of this Children’s Home are wonderful and talented kids with destinies so different, sad and amazing, you won’t find them in a movie. I was wrong thinking stories of how certain parents treat their children couldn’t suprise me any more, they are getting only worse with time… I’ve heard enough of them to write a book, perhaps it would give our gorvenment food for thought and make them start changing something about it at last!

Besides new furniture, the Home needs volunteers the most to come on weekdays and help children with their school homework.

The kids are very capable, they need to be helped just a little. If some of you want to provide moral or material support please write me a personal message or e-mail to info.charitymay@gmail.com, the children will appreciate that a lot!»

Hurry up for good deeds!


You can donate to the Fund’s programs here


Charitymay team!

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