On 04.11.2014 winter clothes brought to Migrant Centres (Kyivska oblast)

On 04.11.2014 winter clothes was purchased and passed to Migrant Centres pht. Kotsiubynske and Pushcha Vodytsia within the Fund’s program «Needs of Migrant Children«: 49 down jackets, 1 pair of trouses, 1 pair of boots and 3 sweaters, specificly:

1. Pht. Kotsiubynske Centre for Forced Migrans
23 warm children’s jackets, a pair of trouses, 1 pair of boots and 3 sweaters.

2. Kovcheh Migrant Centre under VBHO Batkivska Turbota (Pushcha Vodytsia)
26 winter jackets

Charitymay team expresses sincere gratitude to our partner and sponsor, Naftahazstrakh Insurance Company http://ngs.biz.ua/

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