Children social-psychological rehabilitation centre of Kyiv

Social object name — Children social-psychological rehabilitation centre of Kyiv

The Centre is designed for children:

Abandoned by their parents (left in hospitals, nursing homes, whose parents are in prison)
Victims of violence (physical, sexual)
Orphans (orphaned)
Children who are found on the street (the poor, «travelers»)
Children who are taken away from their families, where there was a threat to health or life (children who were starving, were left unattended for a long time, needs are neglected.)
The Center is working on the following areas:
Providing all the necessary (room contents, food, clothing)
Medical rehabilitation, treatment of chronic diseases (HIV, allergies, diabetes, rickets) required surgery (strabismus, clubfoot)
Annual improvement of children (according to the types of diseases and the needs of children)
Psychological rehabilitation (work with children’s fears, study the effects of violence and bereavement of loved ones);
Correction pedagogical neglect (the majority of children entering our center, did not attend any educational institutions, reaching school age)
Protecting the rights and interests of children
Placing a child in a family-based education

Orphanage address: 7A Polyarna St., Kyiv

Contact of center: (044) 464-10-65


Number of children: 24

Hot needs of the child at home, you can find the link here

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