04-05.10.2014 Festival exhibition YAPONOMANIYA supported by CF «Blagomay»

With charitable aid Charity Fund «BLAGOMAY» will show YAPONOMANIYA Festival and the third time will open its doors to lovers in Japan

October 4-5, 2014 in the Exhibition Centre KievExpoPlaza, Pavilion 3,

Address: Ukraine, Kiev, st. Salyutna 2-B.

At the festival BLAGOMAY fund will collect donations to charity boxes to help orphans from orphanages in Ukraine for the purchase of the school office and school uniforms http://charitymay.com/archives/4123.
Program activities in the afternoons you can see HERE
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You can experience the atmosphere of modern Tokyo, wander through its districts, feel his breathing and pulse, to discover the lifestyle of the modern Japanese.

Japan — a country that for many years remains a mystery, and never ceases to amaze, even for those who study its culture and not once was there. Many years in Ukraine hosts various events dedicated to Japan and all the Japanese, but the first time we were able to collect all there is to know about Japan in Ukraine, starting with the wonders of science and technology to the most different subcultures.
In order to accommodate all that we would like to introduce to Yaponomanii we shared a festival show in the Tokyo area:

· District Minato intended for interactive booths of companies producing equipment for a comfortable life in modern Japanese.

· In the area of ​​Bunke will host exhibitions of ancient and modern Japanese art, as well as lectures and workshops about the ancient and modern Japanese culture.

· Fans of the cleanest and highest quality in the world of Japanese goods will be able to purchase them in the area of ​​Shibuya.

· A special surprise for all fans of Japanese subcultures, anime and video games, you are waiting for Akihabara and Harajuku with championships, prizes, workshops, shops, contests and prizes. And fans can enjoy a cosplay photo shoot in our photo zone, and take part in the contest cosplay visitors.

· If you are tired and want to eat, as well as learn how to cook Japanese, you can always look up a quarter of Roppongi, the most famous restaurants of Tokyo.

· On the main stage, in the famous theater district of Tokyo called Asakusa, all two days will be a show program with participation of Ukrainian and Japanese guests of the festival.
You are welcome to Yaponomanii 2014!
Team CF «Blagomay»!

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