18.09.2014 fond Blagomay received a donation of 64,150 UAH. 300 Є and 100 Russian rubles

The New Old Barakholka — a project designed to create a new European culture in the Ukrainian community. How to present a European flea market, the most rave, bright and free inhabitants of Kiev (and not only) gather in a certain place and sell their most valuable and favorite stuff. Proceeds from sales of the money goes to charity projects pre-selected by the organizers.

The New Old was born in March 2014 by a team of bright and energetic girls Alena Zlobina Olya Biletskaya Lena Felonyuk Alena Kovalenko, Light Kalancha, Anna Kowalska, Galya Dorosh, Sasha Titarenko, Mila Kovtonyuk.

First Flea thundered in the early summer on all Kiev. Inspired by the success of the team began to develop the project further, turning it into a true culture of the city

Second Charity Flea market The New Old held on September 7 Vozdvizhenka. More than 700 exhibitors selling their junk to help kiddies who suffered during the war. The event attracted more than 6,000 people.

At the Second Charity Flea Market was collected 192,515 hryvnia, 905 dollars, 400 rubles and 4.8 euros. And it was also collected 800 kg of waste paper, 40 boxes of children’s books and a variety of children’s and adult clothing.

All the money equally divided between the stated funds:
1. Your Support https://www.facebook.com/tvoyaopora?fref=ts — with project assistance mothers and kiddies displaced from Melitopol (more here https://www.facebook.com/masha.efrosinina.9/posts/ 649439831830549)
2. UBB https://www.facebook.com/ubb.org.ua?fref=ts — with the project procurement desks and furniture destroyed in the School of Slavonic to kids continue to learn and build the future of our country (more here https: // ubb.org.ua/ru/project/1040/)
3. Blagomay https://www.facebook.com/charitymayUkraine?fref=ts — with project assistance kiddies displaced sirotam. Charity Fund «Blagomay» received a donation of  64,150 UAH. $ 300 and 100 Russian rubles.

Within a month, each of the Funds will provide a report on the funds spent, which will be officially published on the page of The New Old.

Best regards,

”Charitymay” team!

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