11.09.2014 a trip Syngenta employees in the orphanage «Hope» (v. Mokrec)

We really miss each other, so as not seen most of the summer.

Our constant assistant and volunteers Tanya and Dasha Garna Gallery helped us to spend a wonderful master class for young Ukrainians — the creation of patriotic T-shirts.

Prior to this addictive action joined by all — from young children to the orphanage director Andrew. Each painted t-shirt for yourself first, and then all together set about creating t-shirts for the wounded soldiers. Children’s performance is through the roof, until the adult emerges one, the children drew on 3 shirts. It is very important that children understand the seriousness of what they do, and very carefully chose their words for printing on T-shirts — «Children of the World», «Thank you» and so on.

Trip was extremely positive and productive.

Together with children, we drew 23 patriotic t-shirts that were given to wounded soldiers in the BSP and the Central Military Hospital.

Hasten to do good deeds!

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”Charitymay” team!

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