Charity Ukrainian-Georgian Festival «On your own. Ukraine + Georgia »

Charity Ukrainian-Georgian Festival «on your own. Ukraine + Georgia »

September 20, 2014 in a great location — in the National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Pirogovo Skansen largest in Europe, will be held on the feast of goodness, beauty and friendship — Ukrainian-Georgian Festival «Its. Ukraine + Georgia «, all proceeds from which will go to charity: help the victims of the ATO and children from the territory of the fighting. TICKETS CAN ALREADY BUY HERE (please note. That the price includes entrance to the museum and a charitable donation fund BLAGOMAY. Ticket price to the museum is 30 UAH. Adults and 15 UAH. For children over 10 years old and students, children under 10 years are free of charge. Recommended donation fund BLAGOMAY (charity ticket) until the day of the event — 30 UAH. adults, 15 UAH. for children over 10 years old and students. on the day of the event — 70 UAH. adults and 15 UAH. for children and students).

Pages recent history confirms that our countries are successfully continuing a long tradition of fraternal relations.

In a picturesque place in Kiev, with the support of the Embassy of Georgia in Ukraine and the Georgian Association in Ukraine «Iberieli» held a charity festival, each of the sites which will be a real discovery for visitors, as will discover the culture of Ukraine and Georgia, according to a fresh look at the lives of these two countries.

At the festival, which will provide an extremely rich and unique culture of the ancient Ukrainian and Georgian people is planned:

Music and Dance
Performances etnokollektivov (music, dance, singing) and modern Ukrainian and Georgian teams.
Interesting lectures on the history and contemporary realities of the two countries, travel Georgia and Ukraine’s reforms and the Georgian experience of recovery after the war; Lessons of the Georgian language.
Photo and art exhibitions
Photos on the memory in the national Georgian and Ukrainian folk costumes and horses. Photo and art exhibitions.
Food tasting and delicious Georgian wines from the best restaurants of national cuisine, master classes.
Organizers: Charitable Foundation «Blagomay»
Museum of Architecture and Pirogovo, with the support of the Embassy of Georgia in Uraine


Through participation in this event as a partner you will be able to support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, because each Hryvnia collected during the event, save the lives and health of men who have suffered in the course of ATO and help children.
And all of this is the key to a happy future for the country!
Welcome to the Ukrainian-Georgian festival «ITS»

Best regards,

”Charitymay” team!

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