Denishi preschool home of Zhitomir Regional Council v. Denishi (Zhitomirskoy district)

Denishi village. This is a story of Polesia Krai, moreover these lands are called «Polesian Switzerland».

Evergreen firs, pines, white-bark birches, at the edge the giants — oaks spread their crowns like tents. And beside the river Teterev plays with its waves. Unsurprisingly, that it was exactly here on the picturesque banks of the river in the early twentieth century XIX where the castle of Tereshchenko sugar magnate was built. In 1932, near the castle in a single storey premises was created a shelter for homeless children, called » Horkov Children’s home»

In the year 2012, it was celebrated its 80th anniversary.

In the postwar years the appearance of the orphanage has changed. Today this is a great two-storied building, where is created all the conditions approached to home. The territory of the orphanage is equipped with the playgrounds, fairy-tale lodges, swings and a pool.

The playgrounds in its variety of colors at any time of the year resemble a rainbow. In the recreation area, between fragrant linden trees and slim thuyas and firs, you get to a fairy tale «The Three Bears.»

The Contents of this fairytale was supplemented by the chiefs of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine with layouts hives for bees and a large stump according to which children are treated to honey in the Spas feast. Here you will always hear the children’s voices. Children like to entertain and educators to conduct system of correction and development through instruction. In each group is created comfort, educational and didactic base and developing environment for the formation of the personality of each child.

In each family, the child learns to adapt to the subject and home environment. At the orphanage, we also take care of this. In each group there is established the development center «My Home» where children learn to play games, use the kitchen equipment, organize various action games. Because the game’s correctional work with children with development shortcomings is not the most effective means of purposeful impact on all sides of the personality.

To provide remedial and restorative work at each group is created logopedic room, which is equipped with modern visual and didactic aids, literature, computers and it’s used in a daily work with preschool children. As far as in the orphanage bring up children with a variety of speech disorders, delaying of mental and physical development, correctional and rehabilitation work with them like a thread stands out all kinds and forms of teaching and educational activity.

Speech therapists, speech pathologists, psychologists, teachers, music director, instructor in physical education organize the correctional and educational process, taking into account the mental development of children, their health status and mentality. Activity of collective is aimed not only at providing social and psychological rehabilitation and adaptation through specially organized correctional and educational process, but also on the physical development, health improving and medical work and providing qualitative good nutrition.

In the specially equipped gymnasium there are various balls, training simulators, soft folding modules etc.  The existence of various stocks helps the skilled experts to carry out scoliosis prevention, faults in posture, strengthen the muscles of the trunk, arms, legs; to develop children’s motor coordination, to improve the efficiency of all-developing exercises, to have a good influence on the psychoemotional sphere of the child. Therefore it’s not surprising that our ward Rybak Bohdan was selected to participate in the 2012 UEFA European Championship.

It’s a known fact that music is not only a holiday; the music can teach, educate and develop. Interesting trips to the world of music, dance and theater always bring new impression and a good mood. Our team pays attention on the formation of children work skills and imparts love to work.

Children learn to take care of the fish in the aquarium, plants in the corner of nature, and made ​​ variety of toys of natural materials. Educators try to organize the work so that every child understands the need of his labor, his friends and its value.


Preschool home address: 3 Chudnovskaya Ave, Denishi, Zhitomir region, 12422

Contact Number: (0412) 49-21-23

Number of children: 68 persons

All this proves that make emphasis on the problem of the child’s adaptation to the social conditions of life, on ensuring all aspects of the health of each child: mental, physical, spiritual, social, through active use of traditional and non-traditional health-saving forms, methods and means of correction and rehabilitation, the team of Children Home achieves the development of intelligence of each ward, what is the pledge of  training at comprehensive school.

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