27.07.2014 there was a visit to the Child’s House of Ovcharuk family (Pesky, Chernigov region)

On July 27th 2014 there was a visit to the Child’s House  of Ovcharuk family (Pesky, Chernigov region)

Our partners «Oasis Yoga Studio» took part in this visit.

A lot of You respond and relieve to children!

Impressions: “We heaped up the car with stuff; there were shoes, clothes, books, toys, sweets, fruits and even rolls and laptop!!! … we went from the car, Sofiyka came to us (the only girl  in the family in that moment) …

I asked her: “What shoes size do you have?” She answered surprised: “32!” And the only rolls (pink with spangles) fit to Sofiyka!!!! Hurrah!!! We present it to her! Thanks who didn’t regret to give it! I don’t remember who it was but if you read it thank you a lot!

We came at the house – everything’s fine! The children’s rooms are beautiful! The communication in the family is nice! They treated us tea; Oksanochka Chukh (our art-director) organized modeling of the colored clay! Children were keen of modeling!!! But first they screamed “I don’t want! I won’t do it!))))” oh boys, but then they liked it!!! )))) briefly we’re modeling … than we understood that father Sergey… interested in yoga!!!! ))))

And then all went to the hall and we had great exercise!!! It was very fun and unusual, because the priest made the Paschimottanasana pose in first time…

We couldn’t go home till the darkness! We went home after 11 p.m. ))) Very intelligent children! Very correct approach to the education. We don’t worry about those children! … but evidently someone else needs us… by the way there are no photos!!! )) we didn’t have time!!! )))

Thanks to: Lena Shevchenko for sponsor support, Oksana Chukh for wonderful art-therapy exercise, Olha Haevskaya for laptop (boy were happy!!!), thanks to everyone who took part in it!!!!! Sorry if I don’t remember Your name! Render You the happiness! And the Father Sergey will pray for us!!!!” 

Kind regards,

”Charitymay” team!

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