We would like to acquaint you with the interview Michael Radutskii

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We would like to acquaint you with the interview Michael Radutskii,

which he gave to the magazine «Blagomay Magazine»

Michael Radutskii - President clinic «Boris», social activist and a good man with a capital letter!

In an interview you will discover new facets of human kindness!

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Michael you are created clinic Boris almost from zero and today it is kWe would like to acquaint you with the interview Michael Radutskiinow everyone. Hundreds of people were saved the life and help. Do you often hear thankyou from people?

Often. Almost always. This is always nicely. This is the positive which is necessary.

What do you think gave you the strength to lift the business inspiration and still do it?

I worked at the ambulance station and saw pluses and minuses in this work. Defects, incorrect diagnosis, and lost time from the closest people to me,I think about how to create something better. In this year we are working for 20  years.

You repeatedly appeared at charity events. Was it spontaneous visits or you purposefully chose this or that program where you want to help?

I do not like the word “charity” I think that you need help from the soul and not for whatever charity program. I prefer targeted assistance. I like to help specific man and see him face, look at him eyes. Appearance at charity events that are mostly have mostly annoying. We have this kind of social events, and in my opinion, charity and social events are not one and the same.

What do you think business and charity are compatible and whether the Ukrainian business to spend their profits to charity?

These are inseparable things. If you is easier today than someone you have to help someone. Though, because you did not give God can be in a situation where you will be need help. In any religion, there is the concept of tithing. So if God helped you earn to help those in need so that these concepts are inseparable for me. Know that you are one of the survivors of the tsunami miracle in Thailand.

What changed in your life after this?

Valuables. After this event, I became absolutely apolitical. Annoy me any actions associated with the politics. I do not like politicians priori not matter what flag red white and blue, or yellow and white, they do not go to the people. The second is that we should live for today. Tsunami gave understanding that within seconds can change everything radically. I stopped to think about the special day appointment for tomorrow.

Do you believe in a creator?

Of course.

In the last issue we published an interview with your son Maxim. Did you know that he is interested in charity aims to help? How do you feel about this?

Proud. So for those 25 years I was trying to convey to him that that is what percentage of that was learned. An adult male can your time or money to spend on other things and if you found it necessary to help others he is good boy.

Nice family business thriving health seemingly what more could you ask for. What for you now the meaning of life and what other goals set for yourself?

One goal: to close all close people were healthy. Everything else is trivia unprincipled things.

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