27.07.2014 Six more heroes show exceptional kindness

27.07.2014 6 courageous volunteers knocked at the door of the Blagomai fund storage carrying bags loaded with gifts for children from orphanages and those displaced from Eastern Ukraine. When being asked of the gifts origin they replied that they had decided to be of use to those who need help instead of just going to a beach. That is why they took initiative and went to an Auchan supermarket where they displayed posters saying “Bring some happiness to orphans” and asked shoppers to put what they can in a basket. In just 90 minutes dozens of people responded to the appeal and donated a great lot of things for the children, among that:

- 9 packages full of beach toys and sets for active games, children’s clothes, stationery, sweets, diapers, sports equipment, such as a ball, a badminton set with extra birds
- one big red car
- one big green car
- one children’s bike

Blahomai charity fund team is inspired by the growing number of volunteers and their enthusiasm. On behalf of the children we express gratitude to all the concerned benefactors who believed the volunteers and directed aid to the children with the help of Blahomai fund.

Respectfully yours,               

Blahomai Charity Fund Team!

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