Pugachev orphanage vil. Bereznevoe, Korostensky region

In Pugachev orphanage live 84 girls from 4 to 30 years with moderate to profound mental retardation, including 8 children and even with physical abnormalities. Often, here come the kids with intellectual deficit from Novograd-Volyn orphanage.

Himself orphanage consists of several buildings — dormitory, dining room, day body, bath and laundry enclosure and several outbuildings. Dormitory building rebuilt from an old abandoned Catholic church, and all other buildings erected at the very least in the 60s.

Orphanage address: 1Tsentralnaya St., vil. Bereznevoe, Korostensky region, Zhitomir oblast.

Contact number: (04142) 69-2-90, 69-2-97


Number of children: 80 (from 4 to 35 years)

Hot needs of the child at home, you can find the link here

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