13.07.2014 there was a trip to orphanage “Pereyaslav’s Dream” (v. Tsibli)

13.07.2014 there was a trip to orphanage “Pereyaslav’s Dream” (v. Tsibli)

Evgeniy Komarov is Member of the Supervisory Board of the Fund «Blagomai», Viacheslav is charity car, Alexandr and Halina are benefactors, Alexandra is volunteer. They all attended in trip to orphanage.

Benefactors bought some things to the children. It was macaroni, sweets, and sport things. In addition, refugee family from East Ukraine is live at the orphanage.  It is mother, father and five little children; one of them is a baby. We all met and went outside. There were active games and fun. Children played at the badminton with guests, collected toys from Kinder, played at the playground and spoke with each other.

At the evening children had a dinner and we went to Kiev.

Charitable Foundation «Blagomai» thanks to all the participants of the trip!

Hasten to do good deeds!


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