Children’s house “Lyubistok” (“Lovage”), Novye Petrovtsi (Vyshgorod district)

The “Lyubistok” was found in 2002. For 7 years period there was the kindergarten, which was totally destroyed. The principle Nikolay Zhadan found this “building” in 1999, he succeed in finding money for the restoration and built there the children’s house. In the “Lyubistok” wonderful and heedful people work who make all the effort children don’t feel unfortunate. Nevertheless, inmates of the children’s houses certainly need the society help.

Address or children’s house: 123, Novokievskaya St., Novye Petrovtsi, Vyshgorod district, Kiev region. 07354

Phone number: 0(4596) 4-65-61

Number of children: 15 people (aged 6-18 years)

Hot needs of the child at home, you can find the link here

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