02.06.2014 under the Children’s Day program together with the staff of Jysk e-shop we visited Cheburashka orphanage (Rakitnoe, Kiev region)

On 2nd of June  under the Children’s Day program together with the staff of Jysk e-shop we visited Cheburashka orphanage (Rakitnoe, Kiev region). Today we want to give you ten sincere «thank you» and ten sincere smiles! Everyone who participated in the charity events of Jyske-shop office workers (www.jysk.ua), should know that you gave a little happiness to ten children.

Yesterday(02/06/14)we visited Cheburashka orphanage (Rakitnoe, Kiev region)

A director of the orphanage, Olga noted that acquired swing was their dream and they repeatedly appealed to various organizations asking about something like that. On the territory of the orphanage there is nothing but volleyball net, broken benches and rotten stumps. But now all the children are happy and they alternately go on a swing. Their joy was so great that without waiting for the head of household (which is supposed to collect it), the older boy gathered swing according to the instructions!Similarlyimpatient and gladly children met our assistance in the form of clothes and toys. At once theydivided everything among themselves and began to use it.

For information: In the orphanage lives 10 children aged 9 to 17 years. Most of them have the social status of «orphan.» The Orphanage tried to closeseveral times, because now all children in the family state program actively started working. The goal is to distribute all children from orphanages to families who is the guardian of the child until the child reaches majority at 18.The  director of orphanage said that the idea is good, but unfortunately, it does not work today, and some families just try to make money in such way. Thus, children reluctantly  leave this orphanage, and sometimes they abandona family because they know that only here they have a true friendly family and genuinely care.

Thank everyone for sincere support and help!

And let this day pass consciously for each of you, that you do a good deed for those who most need it!

Best regards,

The team of the Blagomay Charity Fund

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