12.06.2014 the excursionof the children from Zlagoda orphanage (Belaya Tserkov, Kiev region) to KidsWill (Ukraine’s first children’s city of professions)

Dear subscribers and benefactors!

We want to share with you the news of the event, which we timed  to coincide with 1st of June!

Almost all countries have International Children’s Day, when all adults should remember their responsibility for the fate of every child, and that there are no their own childrenor somebody else’s children as all children are our, and we are responsible for them. On 12th of June after children passed their exams at school, we organized a holiday. It was a trip for orphans and children deprived of parental care of the Zlagoda orphanage (Belaya Tserkov, Kiev region) to KidsWill (first Ukraine’s children’s city of  professions.)

Due to the NOVA insurance company and a very kind organization of KidsWill children’s city of professions 18 pupils of primary and secondary groups were able for a time to become adults and self-sufficient. They got a passport, got a job, earned money and spent it on theirown. As adult they had to decide who to be and what profession to choose. There they had a chance to get into everything: a police service, medical practice, work on television etc. The goal is achieved as the kids were given the opportunity to express themselves in different sides, to get the most complete picture of the existing professions, to understand and feel the economic and legal principles  which the life of modern society is based on. Children are very happy, overflowing with positive emotions and acquired knowledge. Now we are sure that it will be easier for children to decide what careerchoose.

The organizers of the trip:

Ukraine KidsWill children’s city of ​​professions


NOVAInsurance Company


BlagomayCharity Fund


Partners who treat:



PaprikaRestaurant  (Levoberezhnayametro station, 11-a,M.Raskovoyst.)

Separately thank our friends, partners and sponsors UkraineCoca-Cola Beverages for juices and sparkling water to quench thirst on a hot summer day!

48 bottles of Bon Aqua not carbonated water

18 l. of Rich juice

24 bottles of Fanta



We sincerely thank everyone for their active participation in fundraising and organizing weekend for kids!

Hurry to do a good deed!

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The team of the Blagomay Charity Fund




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