15.06.2014 under the Studio of kindness program and CashFlow financial game we visited the Solnyshko orphanage

Dear friends and benefactors!

On Sunday, 15th of June under the Studio of kindness programand CashFlow financial game we visited the Solnyshko orphanage (Vasilkov, Kiev region)

It was attended by: Sergei Shcherbakov, a coachof  the game «Rat Race», Anastasia Tkachenko, the fund’s representative and Ivan, a volunteer.

Anastasia emphasize her impressions: “Only 4 girls who leave a schoolthis year and prepare to reach adulthoodlive at this orphanage.As a parting words to adulthood girls were invited to play in the Rat Racebusiness game, which helps to gain additional knowledge in finance and orient what profession may choose. There were 3 participants in the game:  Vika, Nadia and Nadia, thenIvan and mejoined.

The anchor of the game was Sergey Shcherbakov, a member of the charity fund and the coach of games. Time ran very quickly. Satisfied and happy participants of the game got a new experience and had a fun, despite the fact that starting the game they were very sleepy. Also girls got books «Rich Dad, Poor Dad» by Robert Toru Kiyosaki. 4 package with household cleaning and personal care products (shampoos, hair conditioners, deodorants, soap, toothpaste, feminine hygiene products, etc.), jewelry, medicines, as well as fruit and 2 blocks of sweet sticks were passed to the orphanage!”

Thank everyone who took part in this visit!

Hurry to do a good deed!

Best regards,

The team of the Blagomay Charity Fund

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