To protect children’s rights

To protect children’s rights

Under the free legal assistance for the protection of the rights of children who are in difficult living conditions a member of  the Blagomay Charity fund has provided legal assistance to the woman with the child, who was wanted on charges of criminal offense under Article 185, part 2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The woman addressed with the problem, which included several legal questions related to each other.

So in 2009, under the influence of swindlers she sold two-bedroom apartment, and in preference bought a studio upon that the documents relating to the apartment and her ​​passport were left in the swindlers. The woman and the child were registered at the bought apartment, the child’s father was already dead by then.

However, they didn’t have a chance to live at this apartment, and approximately at the same time the woman lifted a shop, and then she was arrested by law enforcement officers and relating thereto a criminal case under Part 2 of Article 185 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine was opened.

After refferral of the criminal case from the pre-trial investigation into the court in 2009, the woman went to drug intervention without informing the court, and  only in the spring of 2014 she returned to Kiev. She was in tight situation because she was wanted, she did not have passport and documents for the apartment, the health was complicated of severe chronic diseases and  in the case of  her death her 13-old-years child could not get an apartment by inheritance, or in the case she was convicted, the woman could be deprived of parental rights, and the child would send to an orphanage.

In this case, the team of lawyers for the Protection of Children’s Rights of the «Blagomay» charity fund was able to successfully carry out the protection of person and began restoring her rights.

Firstly, the woman was convinced that to start a normal social life and to renovate the passport along with the documents to the apartment it is necessary to resolve the issue of criminal prosecution. Thus, the woman accompanied by the lawyer appeared in the police and she was placed in jail. During the pre-trial investigation the group of lawyers convinced the investigator and the attorney of discrepancy in assessment of criminal offenses and, as a consequence, the incriminated acts requalified to Part 1 of Art. 185 of the Criminal Code of  Ukraine.

In the nearest time the materials were submitted to the court, where the lawyer had filed a petition for amnesty in 2014, which the court granted. Thus, the woman returned to a normal social life without losing parental rights, and legally applied to get a passport of citizen of Ukraine. So she got her passport 06.26.14, on the eve of the Constitution of Ukraine, which is symbolic!

Subsequently documents for the apartment will be renovated, and then we can safely say, we worked out excellently …

Thank  JSC «Law firm» Yustus «, directed by a lawyer Dmitriy  Fedorenko (the head of the legal advice of the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine) and his partners for the protection of children’s rights: the lawyer Yan Voynikanis — Mirskiy and the lawyer Yuriy Salo for providing free legal assistance to members of the «Blagomay» Charity fund.

 Hurry to do a good deed!

Best regards,

The team of “Blagomay” Charity fund 

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