29.04.2014 Trip to the «Cheburashka» orphanage with a friendly visit

29.04.2014 Trip to the «Cheburashka» orphanage with a friendly visit.

It was attended by great people who strive to give the most precious thing they have — time and attention to children who want some care and warmth :)

Impressions of a trip by Olena Volchkova: «Yesterday it was a bright and special day. A visit trip and play outdoors in spring – are always inspiring. A visit trip to these wonderful kids made me be happy even more. This time there was no MC and creativity, but we were looking for chocolates and Easter presents in the grass (thanks to Inna!), playing games and discovering something new. This time, a camera was the discovery of two little girls. Sasha and Vlada photographed whatever they wanted in turn. So most photos from this album were made ​​wth little hands of two fairies. Since I found Photographers, I appear sometimes on the photos :) The girls worked out perfectly in everything — flowers and portraits as well. I think in the future they will become good photographers if they want to. And we went out from the orphanage territory and walked around Rokytne a little bit. We looked at the House of Culture, in which our Inna acts. There is a beautiful mosaic in that house and my photographic fairies took pictures of it in turn. We also have been photographed from an airplane, because we all want to fly :)

Thanks to my great companion Ira and to every-every thing! »

Hasten to do good deeds!

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