14.12.2013 a friendly visit to the Babies Orphanage took place (town Novograd-Volynskyi, Zhytomyr region.)

14.12.2013 a friendly visit to the Babies Orphanage took place (town Novograd-Volynskyi, Zhytomyr region.)

It was attended by Maria and Evgenii-charity cars and patrons of the trip

Maria’s impressions about the trip: «We arrived at lunch, so most of the kids were sleeping, except of the smallest. For me it was the first trip to the orphanage, but the overall impression of the atmosphere is only good, if it is possible to say like this at all. Nannies (or caregivers) are kind, open-minded people, who are talking about their alumni with the warmth and know almost everything about them, and somehow surprisingly carefully treat them. Everywhere is cleanliness, order, tranquility. In a group where most of the kinds are small, there seem to be 7-8 kids, generally quiet, but it’s so more because kids are special, and it would seem a good thing that they are in an atmosphere of warmth and kindness, they are smiling, they are sociable, but think about what will happen with them next and further as they grow older, when there is no custody of all the nannies when they will turn 18?? And although they all have severe illness, even although they are very small, and falling behind of their peers for not less than a year or two, but they are the same «kittens», «bunnies», «sunshines», lovely, quiet kids …

Also was in the group, where the most senior kids, but very dependent on the older kids with Cerebral Palsy. It is probably the hardest with them. They are old enough to understand their frustration, and this is seen in their eyes.

Also there was a group with children that can serve themselves, they were already asleep and it is pity that I did not work out to talk with them. The atmosphere was like in kindergarten, but only heart ached when you realize that in the evening no one will come for them… and they snuffle while sleeping so nicely. Workers said that very educated kids are very independent. Our children at home are not that obedient.

That’s all, but now I can not stop thinking about them.

Thank you for helping the children! «

Charitable Foundation» Blagomai «thanks to all the participants of the trip!


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Yours sincerely,

Blagomai team



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