17.04.2014 a unique auction of works by orphan children “Happy palms”

On 17.04.2014 a unique auction of works by orphan children “Happy palms”

A unique auction of works by orphan children “Happy palms”

On 17th  of April a unique charity auction of drawings and other pieces of art by 35 orphan children took place at the Center of modern art M17. The peculiarity of the annual event is that the money got from the selling of every piece of art will go directly to its small author this day. For many children who are not socially defended this auction is almost the only way to make their material situation better and become closer to their dream become true.

The tradition charity auction gathers many famous Ukrainians who try to support young talents  of our country with their presence. Particularly, Olga Sumska, Ruslana Pysanka, Svetlana Leontive, Anton Mukharskyi, Konstantin Hrubych and others are going to attend the event this Thursday.

It should be stressed that a very interesting concert-entertaining program, which was prepared by children being brought up at social establishments of our country without parents care, is waiting for many people.

In addition to this, all volunteers will be able to make the dream of one orphan child come true – to get qualified education in England. You only need to buy a piece of art by a famous author represented in the separate exhibition.

Come and reveal all sides of unsurpassed talents of Ukrainian children! Help at least one of them to settle their life!

Place and date: 17.04.2014 15:00 the Center of modern art M17; Kyiv, 102-104 Horkoho (Antonovycha) St.

Yours faithfully,

CF “Blagomai” team

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