A statement of expenses of money received in the course of Charity Auction “I like drawing too”

06.11.2013 – goods were purchased and transferred to the “Liubystok” orphanage (Novi Petrivtsi, Vyshgorodsky district, Kyiv region), namely stationery, printer, and two wardrobes for the girls’ room.

Stationery – UAH 4851.5
Wardrobe 2 art. – UAH7 000
Printer and cartridge containers – UAH 2816.72
The total sum of the assets spent to purchase the above mentioned goods amounts to
UAH14 667.7

We also attach a photo of the stationery goods and the printer, the wardrobes are to be delivered and assembled in the nearest future.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the visitors who attended the Charity Auction “I like drawing too” at the “U Stanka” restaurant as they helped to satisfy the needs of the children living in Liubystokorphanage.


To find out more on this matter, click http://charitymay.com/en/archives/13800

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