On 30.11.2013 a trip to the orphanage “Oberih” took place as part of “Kindness Workshop ”programme

On 30.11.2013 a trip to the orphanage “Oberih” (city of Bohuslav, Kyiv region) took place as part of “Kindness Workshop” programme

Elena, our charity provider,EugeniyKomarov, representative of the fund, Elena Sherkunova and Katerina, a volunteer, all took part in it.

Elena Sharkunova’s impressions: “This Sunday 30.11.2013 we visited the orphanage “Oberih” in Bohuslav, Kyiv region. The time flew by as we got there, despite the fact that we had problems finding the house at first. As soon as we arrived we gave our present – a new vacuum cleaner for cleaning the premises (the old one broke down beyond repair) as well as sweets for the children.

There were only four children present during our visit, but all participants and the teacher joined us – we decoupaged New Year tree toys together, everyone was very happy about the result! The toys were very bright and shiny =) The children showed patience and diligence (after all decoupage is a very meticulous and painstaking technique), they were happy and friendly. After the workshop we talked to them and their teachers, asked them about their problems and the everyday life of the children’s house and headed home, it was getting dark.

I want to thank all the participants of this trip for accompanying us, as well as children and teachers for their hospitality. ”


More detailed PHOTO-REPORT on VK

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