On 23.11.2013 a charity auction “I Like Drawing Too” was held

As many of you already know, a charity auction “I Like Drawing Too” was held on the 23rd of November 2013 by the Blagomai Charity Fund. The auction took place at restaurant “U Stanka” (located in Zhilyanska Str., 101, Kyiv) and was dedicated to the problems of orphans and children deprived of parental custody who live in a children’s home “Liubystok” (in Novy Petrivtsi, Vyshgorodsky region, Kyiv oblast).

We would like to thank all the visitors who came to support the auction and bought a great number of children’s handicrafts (supplied by the children’s home), certificates to different kinds of services and tutorials (supplied by the partners of the Fund),  and artworks provided by a professional painter Irina Olenchenko! With your kind help we managed to gather UAH 10 200, while another UAH 4 800 were given to us by one of our benefactors Elena Pavlenko, who due to some reason could not attend the auction!!!

We would also like to express our gratitude to the managers of “U Stanka” restaurant Artem Palienko and their PR-manager Elena Kramarenko, who actively participated in the organization of the charity auction and creating good atmosphere. We also want to thank our long-time partners: beauty salon “Lunami”, Horse riding clubs “Rodeo” and “Rancho”, “VIVAT” photo studio (represented by Andrey Alsufyev and Roman Rvachov, “ESTEL Kiev Studio” represented by Olga Kudinova, and GREEN FOREST Company for the auction lots they provided, such as certificates to the services and presents for the guests.

And our special thanks to Irina Olenchenko www.irinaol.com, whose lots gathered UAH 3400 and UAH2000 for her painting “A Lake in the Mountains”, which was sold outside the auction, and the money was donated by Irina to the kids of “Liubystok” children’s home.

Apart from the money received in the auction, we also managed to collect a significant sum of donations and stationery goods, for which we give our special thanks to Alla and Oleg Kurilenko (owners of a fast food company Furgonetta), and other participants of the auction.

Hope to see you again soon!!

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