On the 22.09.2013 a trip to the orphanage “Prolisok” (in the village of Vochkov, Polisskiy region) took place within frames of “Kindness Workshop” program

On the 22.09.2013 a trip to the orphanage “Prolisok” (in the village of Vochkov, Polisskiy region)  took place within frames of Kindness Workshop” program.

Participated:Svitlana charity car transportation, Tatyana Korzh – a magnificent master and a kind person, Iryna and her name – volunteers of the trip.

Tatyana’s impressions about a trip: « It was a beautiful Sunday morning, we met near the office. Absolutely female company: the driver Svitlana, my assistant Elena,and  two volunteers- both Irinas. And myself, the master of the salty dough Tatyana.And so we left to see the kids. Weather did not share our delight, it was rainy. But for us it was not a barrier:) Long way,nice company and a common aim. What could be better? As we have reached the venue the sun showed up. Equipped with a good mood and a surprise which I have prepared forthe master class we proceeded. We have passed in a game room. The girls have passed to the teacher a sweet gift for children.Svitlanahas directed to the smallest ones, and has startedthe construction of a lodge; kids have accepted her to the game. Children were from 6 to 16 years, but their interest to the event was not affected with such a dramatic difference. They have led us to a class room where there was a big table and chairs ready to start our work. We introduced ourselves. My surprise for the master-class was the good luck souvenir — a red cat from the salty dough. In fact as they say, that red color does not only stand for the fall, but also for happiness.Kids liked it, so we have started. We were molding, smiling, laughing. The red cats were just after their small creators. Soon Svitlana and the smallest boy joined us. They have added to our collection small fishes, florets, and other funny creatures.  There was a friendship not only among the salty dough toys, but much more in between the children. Then with the remaining dough we were playing associations – kids were searching what it looked like. There were «planimetric» deers and angels. And boy Vanyasaw the precise silhouette of a girl, so he was happy and proudto present it to me.
So our master-class has come to an end. It was time for children to have lunch, and us, having said goodbye, left back to Kiev. We are sure, that molded red-cat happiness necessarily will help children!

More detailed photos — REPORT on FACEBOOK

More detailed photos — REPORT on VK

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