On 20.07.2013 a trip to M.M.Horodetskiyorphanage (Vorzeltownship, Kyiv region) took place

On 20.07.2013 a trip to M.M.Horodetskiyorphanage (Vorzeltownship, Kyiv region) took place. It was attended by Tamara and her husband, five representatives from a Bank, entertainer and the Fund representative Olga.

Tamara Mitskanyuk’s impressions:We took this girl, entertainer, with us. She had a special program for small children with contests, balloons and great mood which she managed to give to the children. As the orphanage is divided into blocks and children from different blocks are separated, as we were explained, in order to prevent childhood diseases, we only managed to visit children from one block. But, when the teachers saw happy and content children, they asked us to perform our program for another block on the outdoor veranda. So we managed to givea holidayas a present and excellent mood to more children! The children in Horodetskyiorphanage are very different, sweet and open, they are very sociable; some of them were abandoned by their parents, parents of others were deprived of parental rights, some children have special needs. I am very grateful to everyone who contributed to our trip and took part in it! Together we raised more than UAH 6000. Thanks to Tatiana, a director of the sewing factory, we had all the necessary things sewn, even more than we ordered, at the price of textile, and, thanks to YOU ALL, we managed to buy all the products from the list. We brought a little bit of happiness and attention to those who really need it.

Thank you for finding time to think about something very important amidst our daily hustle and bustle. We take our parents for granted and don’t always appreciate their contribution to our development and growth, we often forget to say thank you, but there are many people who don’t have them!

P.S. “When you do something for others sincerely and you do not expect gratitude for it, someone writes it down in the book of fate and sends you happiness you never dreamt of” – Angelina Jolie

Charity Fund “Blagomai” expresses gratitude to the Pravexbank team and Tamara Mitskaniuk for the organization of a great trip!


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Blagomai team!

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