On 13.07.2013 a trip to the Center of social and psychological rehabilitation “MechtaPereiaslavshchyny” (Tsybli village) took place within frames of “SPORT-FOCUS” program

13.07.2013 a trip to the Center of social and psychological rehabilitation “Mechta Perejaslavshchyny” (Tsybli village) took place within frames of “SPORT-FOCUS” program.

The following persons participated in it: a married couple Yulia and Aleksander — charitable vehicle and instructors of“Yoga for Children” and “Hand-to-Hand Fighting”, Jaroslav — a volunteer and photographer of the trip, who gave children 3 new mp-3 players and a digital camera. Impressions of the trip: “On Sunday we set off for a long-expected trip to children who we missed a lot. The girls were taken to houses, Angelina was taken to a new family, which is a very joyous event. So, there were only two persons in the girls room. We presented them mp-3 players, gave jewelry and they went about their usual business instantly… It seemed yoga wasn’t interesting anymore))) And as for the boys, it was loud and joyful with them)), straight away we were met by Kolia, the orphanage long-liver, who recently got a notebook and who, by the way, is about to enroll to study in Kyiv!! The boys were recently presented a notebook and they were enwrapped in the NeedForSpeed game (now men brightened)))), that is why it was possible to distract them only with a small masterclass in hand-to-hand-fighting, namely: “how to protect oneself in the street and ways of avoiding captures.” By the end of class we had been rolling on the floor already and the boys together had been trying to knock down the instructor Aleksander….to no effect. But later!!! As usual, we were invited for a meal! Oh, what a lunch!!!! Miracle!! By the way, all of the children eat like that, and not only the visitors! We asked the cook to give out bananas, marsh-mallow and cookies to children for lunch (which were mercifully donated by Shevchenko Elena, a practitioner of our studio), so we hope they had a sweet day! The next day Kolia had a birthday, so we gave him a separate present beforehand))) Jaroslav and Aleksander in order to make the birthday sweeter (we were not by his side already) were sending him money to his mobile account during the day…. The mobile telephone was presented the last time.., but there was nothing to recharge it with… Kolia, we hope that when you leave the orphanage, you will have bright memories of it!!! And as always: Thank you, children to make us at least a bit better!!!

Blagomai Charity Fund expresses gratitude to all the visitors!

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