On the 29.09.2013 a trip to the orphanage “Obereg” (Bohuslav, Kyivskiy region) took place within frames of “Kindness Workshop” program

On the 29.09.2013 a trip to the orphanage “Obereg” (Bohuslav, Kyivskiy region) took place within frames of “Kindness Workshop” program.

Participated: Darya — charity car, Iryna — artist of «Kindness Workshop», Elena — volunteer.

Elena’s impressions on the trip: «Early Sunday morning we went to a small town of Bohuslav in the Kiev region to hold classes in needlework for pupils of the orphanage «Obereg». On the way we stopped to collect colorful maple leaves, from which the artist Irina decided to make some interesting crafts — a bouquet of roses. Upon arrival, we were cordially welcomed by the teachers and children, gave them gifts from TM Nestea and went to work =). Despite the fact that initially the boys (and there were many) were a little skeptical about the activity, because, apparently, it’s not men’s business, afterwards they also made their first beautiful bouquets. And even the teacher joined the master class! By the end of it, we talked to the children, checked their crafts from previous workshops, took some nice pictures. I hope that we managed to achieve that little mission that lay on us — to distract kids from everyday life, to learn something new and kind. In conclusion I would like to offer some «food» for thought — the parable of the good deeds. I wish that good deeds are not just a formality, but a necessity that appears even in the most seemingly insignificant actions. «There was one man, and he lived not very well, confused. He decided to make up his mind, to do good deeds, saving the soul. He was doing a lot, but he couldn’t notice any improvements in his life. Once he was walking down the street, and noticed an old woman with a coat button broken that fell to the ground. He thought, «So what! She has enough buttons. Am I supposed to pick it up! What a nonsense! But still, groaning, he took the button and passed it over to the old woman, and forget about this situation. Then he died, and he could see on the scales — on the left — his evil side, and on the right — nothing, empty! The evil side was dominating. «Oh, — man said to himself — no luck here!» Then he saw Angels putting the button to the right side… And a bowl with good deeds outweighed. «Did this one button outweigh all my evil deeds? — He was surprised. — How many good deeds I have done, and they can not even be seen! » And the Angel answered: «Because you’re proud of your good deeds, so they are gone! But this particular button, which you have forgotten, is enough for you to save your soul! «

 Thank you for participating in the implementation of travel and vivid picture! :)


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