29.09.2013 took place trip to Boarding School “Solnyshko” (v. Burty, Kagarlitskyi region) in frames of program “Full Schoolbag”

29.09.2013 took place trip to Boarding SchoolSolnyshko  (v. Burty, Kagarlitskyi region) in frames of program “Full Schoolbag”
Trip’s participants: wonderful people Alla, Oleg -»Furgoneta» and Oksana-volunteer, and also representative of fund “Blagomay” -Evgeniy.
Evgeniy’s impressions after trip: «Trip for realized with support of street food «Furgoneta». In result of conducted mutual promotion of Charity fund “Blagomay” and street «Furgoneta» were raised money that in compliance with boarding school’s request were wasted for hygiene products, household chemicals and stationery and also we brought some present for children.
By 3 p.m. we got to the boarding school and despite cold weather we were met with warmth. Children made some tour showing boarding school and we moved to living room, where children received their presents and we enjoyed concert where children were showing their talents. After that we were split into two groups guys with Oleg and Evgeniy went to boys room, where pupils of boarding school gave two video interview, that will appear in newspaper “BLAGOMAY MAGAZINE” in course of interview we discussed many life issues and were talking how to act in this or that situation. During this time girls were studying how to make up correct from Alla’s lesson (she is a make up artist as well).

The evening approached and Oleg with Evgeniy went to shop and bought some sweets for tea ceremony and after their return we together with children made the table and talked about life.

Before departure we gave presents after children that were in the garden, picking up beetroots joined us, we made some pictures, talked for a while and had some warm communication for some time and when it got late we went back to Kiev»

We are grateful to you for your help to children in boarding schools!

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