On 27.10.2013 a trip to the orphanage “Prolisok” (village of Volchkov, Polisskyi region) took place within frames of “Kindness Workshop” program

On 27.10.2013 a trip to the orphanage “Prolisok” (village of Volchkov, Polisskyi region) took placewithin frames of “Kindness Workshop” program

Daria – person with beautiful soul and charitable automobile, Katerina – a brilliant hand-craft master, Olga – volunteer and photograph of our trip.

Olga’s impressions:“I want to express special gratitude to the charitable organization Blagomai for giving me an opportunity to visit this orphanage. It was my first trip and it is definitely going to remain in my memory. If I can formulate it as follows, then this orphanage remained the most pleasant feelings. You feel like being at home. Looking into children’s eyes you understand that they feel better in this orphanage than at home. Yes, it will not replace family but concern, attention and cordiality of the stuff cannot but makes us happy. While communicating with the stuff you can see that these people are the ones who really love children. They do not just smile and are touched looking at them. They work, bring them up and maximally try to give the feeling of home to children. And of course special gratitude is expressed to the master Katia who can teach anybody how to work right with children. And there is one more thing.Thanks to cheerful Dasha who helped us to spend comfortably a 4-hour trip.”

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