Donated 57,724 USD. thanks for Okhmatdet Company Seven Hills

Dear event partners of Park Avenue Land,

With this letter charity fund “BLAGOMAY” informs that donations received from TOV “EXKO PLUS” (limited liability company) (Company “Seven Hills” were acquired and transferred to National children specialized hospital “OHMATDET” (Kiev)

1) 66 dual dialysis catheters for orphans and children from economically disadvantaged families with an artificial kidney (please find attached delivery-acceptance acts and photos). Total amount of donation is UAH 21 780.

Further information regarding dialysis sets you can find on sellers site, in chapter “Dialysis”.

Direct link

2) 5 sets of lenses and med.

We are grateful for donations from all participants and guest of event for children Park Avenue Land, organized by TOV EXKO PLUS (limited liability company) (company Seven Hills) represented by general Director Arie Schwartz!
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More about donation options for orphanages you can find  HERE , if you represent legal entity Fund can sign a bilateral agreement with you about charity activity, sample you can download  HERE. You can also place Fund’s banner on your site, Fund’s banner you can download  HERE

Best regards,

team of CF “Blagomay”!

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