On the 20th of October 2013 Charity Fund “Blagomay” and initiative, young team «Vegano Hooligano»  visited and positively inspired Family type orphanage Mischenko.

Participants of trip: Yana — fund’s representative, team of «Vegano Hooligano»

Yana’s impression after trip: «Sunday started with the sun rays, children met our team inside their home, where their parents mother Elena and father Sergiy managed to create really family and warm homely atmosphere.
     Guys from «Vegano Hooligano» conducted master class, where each child could try himself as cook, try different types of cheese tofu and with own little hand bake a cookie without fear to get dirty like in original homely and family kitchen. .
    And we had a nice chance to observe and become happy for children being cared by very kind and responsive parents. Each child was calling for mother, mother Elena to mark their job and get some praising. In turn mother and father were listening carefully to each child and paying attention to every single child.
    At the end we were drinking tea with their friendly family while mother of 9 children told that big family is an endless happiness for her but also disturbs and tears for all 9..»

Detailed PHOTO REPORT you can find on facebook page

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Team of Charity Fund “BLAGOMAY”

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