06-07-2013 year took place trip to children’s community “Nadezhda” in Mokrecy village in partnership with Yappi Corporate

06-07-2013 year took place trip to children’s community “Nadezhda” in Mokrecy village, this time in unusual form. First of all, trip was held in new partnership with Yappi Corporate company.

You can read very interesting comment and impressions directly on our partner’s site.

We sincerely thank Elena Jygalo and participation throughout the company during this trip

Exchanged: shashlik on smile.Bottle of beer on game with kid.Feeling of full stomach on feeling a lot of emotions. Not the most mercantile exchange. But for some reason feeling of fullness lasts more than 4 hours.

Saturday, 6 july, our teachers, managers and Methodists set out to charity action for children’s community “Nadezhda” with partnership of Blagomay organization. We decided that bringing candies and throwing our gifts to poor children is not ours. We set ambitious goal: To give children opportunity to feel fishing rod in hands, not the fish.

Training on earning money for children took place, during that training every kid:

Created company

Invented brand (company name and logo design with working place)

Organized production (production of bijouterie, souvenirs and decorations, toys etc.)


and later sold everything “to the starving crowd”, to us and our teachers.

Every kid could buy a gift on earned money right on our market where action took place. Money wasn’t real.

We unfortunately weren’t allowed to involve real money, nevertheless everyone could buy the gift he chosen by himself. Could feel the feeling of set and achieved goal, the feeling of earned, not stolen, money, feeling himself as person which lacks in children’s communities nowadays.

With partnership of our valuable client who agreed to also become our sponsor, Colgate Palmolive Company, children were offered a lot of accessories, including toothbrushes, toothpaste and lot of other and necessary. We of course realize that one action of that king will not change kid’s life. Nevertheless, ifin life, in some situation, memory of these emotions, which kid has experienced during our meeting, will help him make right choice, I will think that we have done our deed.

Once again, thanks everyone for participation.

VitaliyVasyliev, Head of YappiCourporate shared his impressions. http://greenforest.com.ua/index.php?mod=blogs&id=499

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