18.08.2013 a trip to «Cradle of Child’s Hope » orphanage ( v. Novoselki ) under the «Sports Focus» and » Full school bag»

18.08.2013 a trip to «Cradle of Child’sHope » orphanage ( village of Novosiolki ) under the » Sports Focus« and » Full school bag» programs, it was attended by representatives of the Fund Tatiana Skrygina, Alexandra Trebusovskaia, Julia Gaivoronskaia team and Youth Project «UPGrade», as well as volunteer Ivan,chess champion. Alexandra’s  impressionsfrom the trip : «SereneSunday afternoon we went to the orphanage «Cradleof Child’sHope » (village ofNovosiolki ) and saw the enthusiastic children who were making mandalas and postcards with the team Youth Project « UPGrade ». The kids were so passionate that it was impossible to tear them away from work, we were very pleased. Childrenmade mandalas and wonderful cards. Having seen the girl Diana holdingthree cardsthose  she was very happy about as they were addressed  to three people : Irina educator who replaces them a mother , friend, Eugenia, who is like her sister, and the third is addressed to Mother. Tears in their eyes after reading the text in the card for Mother» To beloved mother, I expect you to come for  me ……. » and she believes that sooner or later  her relative will come for her. It hurts to know that someone could abandon these wonderful creatures, but the benefit is that there are people who give these children the opportunity to acquire a house and have a family . Soon 4 foster children three sisters and their two year old brotherwill findthe family, if my own mother could not protect them and to protect themselves from the very same , let’s hope that they will find happiness with new parents . It was nice to watch each child was given attention and theirs faces were filled with happiness. Having played with the children, time to go back home came, and the children had to have dinner and go to sleep. In frames of the program13 school orthopedic school bags and sports equipment for training and games in the gym (balls 5 pcs. , Frisbee 4 pcs. , Badminton 2 pcs . , scooters 3 pcs. pump for balls 1 pc. , massage mats — 2 pcs. were passed to the orphanage «

We thank all participants of the trip for given c happiness and attention to children!

Charitable Fund » Blagomai «thanks to online store » Malyshok « for providing massage rugs!

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