10.08.2013 a trip to the orphanage “Nadezhda” took place (Mokrets village, Brovarskyi districts) in frames of “SPORT-Fokus” program

10.08.2013 a trip to the orphanage “Nadezhda” took place (Mokrets village, Brovarskyidistrcits) in frames of “SPORT-Fokus” program

In this program took part: charity car – Lishcheniuk Olga; aikido instructor – KravchenkoValeriiGeorgiievich – 4 dan rank master of YoshinkanAikido, main instructor of Dojo Kiev Misogi. Official representative of Aikido Yoshinkan Fund (AYF in Ukraine, instructor’s assistant – ZemliachenkoAleksandr, 7 kyu Aikido Yoshinkan; volunteer – Anna Koval.

Olga’s impressions from the trip: “We delivered next things to the orphanage: DVD-player – 1 item; cups – 24 items; books belles-lettres and school books in exact sciences (mathematics, physics, programming for middle school) – around 100 books.

There were not many children, we were training with smaller children, boys from middle school were watching more than participating but in the end of the training then joined as well, especially one boy, Andrei, discovered abilities to martial arts.
Even girls were training, first unwillingly and then they changed their clothes for comfortable sports clothes. There is no sports hall in that orphanage, they don’t practice culture of sports and healthy way of life (they don’t even do physical exercises), that is why our trainings were in the playing room for smaller children. Children express interest to the self-defense rules, they are very smart, learn fast. The training was held for 2 hours, all that time children were active, it can be also explained that ValeriiGeorgiievich has long practice in work with children. After the training finished everybody was thankful to the instructor due to rules of the martial arts school (thankful respect in the seize position), they showed their swimming pool to us and showered us at once.


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You can get more information about “SPORT-Fokus” program HERE, in case you represent a juridical person, the fund can sign an agreement on charity activity with you, you can download a sample HERE. You can as well place our Fund banner at your web site, you can download a sample HERE.

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