Joint charity project of CF “Blagomai”and internet shop

Joint charity project of CF “Blagomai”and internet shop

Dear friends, we are happy to share wonderful news about launch of joint project with internet shop Visiting PlanetSports page you come to the page dedicated to projects which bring happiness and joy to those who are in need. We do not want to change the world, but want to show ourselves and our dear visitors that giving a hand of help to one in need, we save ourselves from living our life without a trace. Internet shop became a partner of Charity Fund “Blagomai”and together we launched “Sport-Fokus” program – affordable sport, now every 3% from amount of your order are sent to realization of children’s dream and formation of sports spirit of Ukrainian children.

SPORT-FOKUS” is a charity program aimed to familiarization and involvement of children into the world of sport, the rising generation healthy way of life inurement and motivation to do sports.We make children become familiar with different kinds of sport and look for opportunities for realization of their sports wishes proceeding from needs of every child. Orphan children who live in orphanages should develop all-roudly, to rest culturally and spiritually, and have everything necessary for sports.

Program’s aim: to help orphanages, family type orphanages and Centres of psychosocial rehabilitation of children in Ukraine in solving the problem of sports inventory lack by buying it for money collected in a charity way. Our aim is to give children an opportunity to recover their health, train and be spiritually and physically stronger, the most important – so that they didn’t loiter in the streets, didn’t smoke and drink alcohol and get rid of bad habits.

More detailed about Affordable sport with “Sport-Fokus” program you can become familiar here

Additional opportunities for you for charity from internet shop PlanetSports:

1. Every one of us have an opportunity to buy any inventory from our internet shop catalogue with a discount of 10% for orphanage needs and get one time discount of the same amount for your own order (sports inventory). The list of the necessary inventory you can see here:

Tennis tables
Tennis balls
Tennis kits
Skipping ropes
Balls for aerobics
Bars, weights, rods
Wall bars
Boxer mats

2. If you have used inventoryof good quality in a good state, you can exchange it for a 10% discountfor buying new inventory in our internet shop. We pay you attention that all inventory we get from you, must work and be in proper state.

Everything we collect, in frames of the charity act, we will personally bring to the orphanage or pass to CF “Blagomai” We will notify you about that in our special blog dedicated to the charity.

3. Everyone of us has an opportunity, if he or she wants, to transfer money to the settlement account of CF “Blagomai” and make an independent charity help. We guarantee to provide you a one-time 10% discount,if you show the documents that certify your charitable donation.

4. If you want us to provide you other opportunity for charity, address to us and we will consider your offer with pleasure.

And the most important is that if you visited this page and reading it, we want to express our sincere gratitude for your attraction. Only thanks to such people like you , the world of children who are left without parents care, becomes brighter and fuller, they feel themselves needed and important and not lonely in this, sometimes cruel, world.

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