There was launched the «Full Schoolbag» project! Let’s help orphans go to school together!

Our dear friends!

We hasten to inform you that starting from yesterday, August 7, 2013 till October 20, 2013 the Charitable Foundation «Blagomay» launches the annual program and invites you to take part in fundraising and gathering of school stationery within the «Full Schoolbag» program for our children in the 13 orphanages in Kiev region. Necessary sum for 1 child is 1,500 UAH, there are 253 kids attending school in our orphanages. In your power to give kids the right to a normal life and to provide all possible help! August and September — the most puzzled time for all parents. They rush to buy the best of everything, all the brightest stationery for kids to feel comfortable among their classmates and not left out. And what about the children who live in orphanages? Will they have this year new schoolbags and bright diaries? It all depends on us! Making purchases in stores, school fairs, online stores, try to get something for our children and pass to our office in Kiev, ul.Artema 37/41 of.423 , 4 fl. (preceded by informing contacts at 044-583-50-61 or 067 215-99-55 or write, Skype : blagomay)

Make a donation directly with your Visa card by clicking on the link:

Required list of stationery for 1 child in the orphanage with the calculation for 6 months (there are 253 kids attending school in our orphanages), you can see by clicking on the link:

Let us together add some color to the life of orphaned children, make it brighter using every opportunity! Children deprived of home warmth and parental care are the same kids as «home» children.

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