27.07.13 a visit to orphanage «Nadezhda» (s.Mokrets of Brovary region) within the «Good Master» program

27.07.13 a visit to orphanage  «Nadezhda» (s.Mokrets of Brovary region) within the «Good Master» program

It was attended by : Dmytro Fedorenko — the fund’s representative and virtue on wheels, Andrew and the team of photographers

Dmitry impressions about the visit : «The charity visit held on 7/27/13 was as effective and successful as any charity mission could be … The whole team of volunteers, photographers and technical assistants consisting of 7 people under the leadership of the photographer Andrew and with participation of the Fund representative Fedorenko Dmitry visited the orphanage «Nadezhda» in s. Mokrets. The aim was to create the artistic remember photos for the kids to brighten their memories in the future and entertain them carefully with artistic process of photographing on weekends. There was no so any kids as was expected to see. The team of photooperators had creative ideas to make images of children in the group games. But it pleased the fact that most residents of the orphanage spend time in the camp on the seaside, and of course upon their return there will be more opportunities to make their photo shoots for memory, the more so after the marine recreation kids will be much fresher, healthier and, accordingly , the photos should be the same»

 We thank all participants of the trip for the joy they gave the children!

More detailed photo- REPORT on FACEBOOK

More detailed photo — REPORT on VK

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