16.06.2013 was made a visit to the Orphanage ‘Obereg’ located in Boguslav town under the ‘Good Workshop’ (‘Masterskaja Dobra’ original) program

16.06.2013 was made a visit to the Orphanage ‘Obereg’ located in Boguslav town under the ‘Good Workshop’ (‘Masterskaja Dobra’ original) program

Several kind-hearted persons have attended it: Denis and Karina who afforded charity auto, the modeling-artisan Tatiana andthe volunteer Elena.

Tatiana’s Impressions: Today our team – the driver Karina with her friend Denis, the volunteer Elena and also me modeling-master Tatiana met at 9 AM near the office. The weather was absolutely excellent so we had pretty good mood to go.  Once we drive up we saw nice and cozy backyard with a kids playground and beautiful birches.

Kids were going to chill at the river shore and suddenly saw us. It was a big surprise.

We didn’t want to bother them by ruining their plans that’s why behaved ourselves a little bit careful.

We promised to provide some master classes and then hang them around the place they lived in.

Guys had consent readily. And there we went!

Girls received packages full of clothes.

Then we started to get more of each other.  First kids were hesitating a little and trumped up their imaginable names. Later we were having fun calling each other with these funny names.

Guys received from me a hand made vase. I brought them some materials to create something like that by their own.   We worked with plasticine because the dough couldn’t stand the heat.  Guys and one girl among them named Masha have made an excellent stuff. They seemed so inspired by the process.  After that the atmosphere became warmer and kids started to smile and even made some jokes.

Meanwhile Karina and Denis didn’t waste time and brought us some ice-cream for the good job) Kids seemed absolutely happy.

Masha showed us some of her hand made fabric flowers. The stuff seemed us pretty good. Masha is really talented and has a good potential.

Then we’ve finally gone to the river shore. Our  ‘guide’ Masha reducedour route so guys were overtaken shortly.

Ros’ river is absolutely amazing spot to chill out.  Guys had  startedswimming.  It was so fun that even Denis had joined them. Later guys even performed us their water jumping talents.

 We spend really great time. Kids and our team were totally happy and glad we met each other. 

But all good things come to the end. So we had to say good-bye moreover it became too hot outside.

This day will live in our hearts for years.  We’ll always remember it like a bright and full of joy event.’


The Charity Fund appreciates all the participants and expresses the gratitude to all who took a part in this event.

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