Affordable sports charity program » SPORTS FOCUS «

Affordable sports charity program » SPORTS FOCUS «

 » SPORTS FOCUS « — a charity program , which aims to introduce more global and involvement of children in all kinds of sports. Orphanages are not able to provide systematic work to improve the cultural level and a healthy lifestyle of their pupils , lack of sports equipment

 Program goal : to help orphanages, family-type orphanages and centers for social and psychological rehabilitation of children in Ukraine in addressing the organization of events of cultural activities , sports and recreation orphans , find volunteers and sponsors for their conduct.

The program aims to restore health guys , trained , growing stronger spiritually and physically , and most importantly — not to men roamed the streets , did not smoke or drink , and get rid of bad habits.

The main objectives of the program on the formation of children :

- The value of relationship to nature , people , their own health;

- Aesthetic attitude towards the world ;

- Active position in life ;

- Physical education, healthy lifestyles ;

- Promoting a healthy lifestyle among children through sports and recreation activities ;

- Creating conditions for attracting children to systematic physical education and sport ;

- Promoting various sports among citizens of Ukraine ;


Term program : long-term .

For 1 orphanage needed amount of 6029 UAH . 

 With options to donate : can be found HERE

 You can also place a banner of the Fund on your site , banners Fund can be downloaded here . We would be grateful if you would be able to assist in obtaining discounts or free provision of the above items , as well as sending them to orphanages. With your questions and suggestions please contact at e-mail: info.charitymay @ or phone ( 044) 583-50-61


With respect and gratitude ,

 BLAGOMAY team !

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