Read the 6th issue of «Blagomay Magazine»

Dear readers of the «Blagomay Magazine»,

We are happy to inform you about the release of the 6th issue of the charitable «Blagomay Magazine», which can be read HERE (The magazine can be read on your IPad and\or IPhone).

Please share the reference after reading the Magazine with those who may need it more than you .

You can do a good deal if you have any suggestions or comments to the magazine. If you wish to give or to interview, write your article, be a Magazineist or a photographer of the Magazine — please contact the Chief Editor of the Magazine Elena Mazur :

You can be one of the sponsors of the Magazine (General Sponsor, Sponsor) or Media partner for the aim that more and more people can read both printed and electronic version of the magazine! The more copies of the magazine — the more good deeds ! You can place your advertisement in the Magazine as well.

Turn for details here — or call 044 5835061

You can also do a good deed , if you put a banner on your website. The Magazine \the Fund banners can be download HERE

If you want to receive by mail free printed version of the magazine, email us your detailed shipping address and name to Or call on the phone of the fund 044 5835061. We would be grateful if you are able to financially support the cost of 1 copy of the Magazine, which is 50 UAH . (The donations received are directed equally to charitable programs and fund of the Magazine development) .

To make a donation to the Magazine use the fund bank account. Other variants to transfer your donation on issue of the Magazine can be found here . If you would like to subscribe for free to the electronic version of the magazine, click HERE .


CF » Blagomay» Team

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