Started a social project «Healthy Generation»

This is a joint project of the Federation of Aikido and Budo » Kaydzenki « and  «Charitymay» , which aims to help children with disabilities , their physical development .

Venue: secondary schools number 18 children with impaired hearing (Kiev)



Timetable :

Wednesday : 18.00 — 19.00 (6 — 12 grade)

Thursday : 16.00 — 17.00 ( 1 — Grade 5 )

Program goal: improving the physical health of children. Emphasis is put on physical education is not casual .

Numerous studies have shown that exercise has curative value and tremendous impact on children’s development

Movement — is one of the factors , developing the ability to respond well to a variety of environmental conditions . Exercise enrich children new experiences , ideas , concepts. Children develop goal-directed thinking , strengthens memory. Properly organized motor mode helps improve skills in walking, running, jumping , etc. As well as developing some new features such as agility , speed , strength and endurance .

Together, we have developed the project «Healthy Generation» , based on the above mentioned facts. The next and equally important step — is the embodiment of a reality conceived. And not without a miracle , our close-knit team handled it .

The first people we met were boarding students School № 18 for children with hearing loss . Introductory lesson was a success among the young and rising generation. Children asked many questions , could not sit in one place and, of course , » eager to fight .» Both boys and girls was fun to try their hand at business .

Of course such a fervor and zeal very inspired trainers FAB » Kaydzenki »

   We believe that the new 2014 will multiply our common zeal , our successes and the project «Healthy Generation» will bring us fruit.


team СF «Charitymay» !

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