Сharity program dedicated to the International Children’s Day, 1st of June

Let’s help the children to spend the summer happily and happily!

Since the morning across the country a number of festive events have been held.

On the Children’s Day, the Blagomai Charitable Foundation is launching a fund-raising campaign to install children’s playgrounds in 83 orphanages in Ukraine and a center for migrant children from the ATU zone who were forced to leave their homes, as many children’s institutions or none at all , Or they need to be updated. In addition, children in orphanages also lack sports shoes for outdoor activities and bicycles.

We invite you to take part in the fate of our children’s children in a convenient way for you:

Conduct a charity brunch / dinner / program, and collect charitable donations;
Organize a fair or bookshop, corporate championship, charity auction in the office / business center among colleagues (clients and partners of the organization) — and from the sale of bakery, amateur paintings, cards or hand-made articles, collect charitable donations;
Establish a charitable box to collect donations in your office / cafe / beauty salon;
Donate one’s wages to the fund’s account for one day’s work in favor of orphans and displaced children;
Share information about the needs of our children’s homes in your blog, in the newsletter, on your website, on your Internet portal, on the internal office portal, at the forum / at the conference / before the conference, in your social network feed;
Make one or two weeks with the deduction of a certain% from the sale of your products (if you have a store / online store),% or the total cost from selling a certain dish / dessert / drink (if you have a cafe / restaurant),% off sale Ticket (if you have a cinema / club / concert hall);
To donate to the fund account the necessary sum for a specific gift to the orphanage can be HERE.
How else can I help in the programs of the BF Blagomaj: Resources: premises for lectures and exhibitions; Flights, relocations, hotels for volunteers; Print materials — anything that can be useful in carrying out the program. Kind Word: tell us about other good people.

If you have discounts or contact manufacturers, through which you can buy at low prices, please share!

You can donate in a convenient way for you via the link TUT, or contact us: info.charitymay@gmail.com +38 067 216 99 55, +38 067 217 99 55, +38 044 300 12 58 Account of Privat Bank: Banking details Благодійної оргаізації For donation: rakhunok 26004060841051, Pecherska fіlіya PAT KB «PRIVATBANK», MFO 300711, отримувач: Благодійний фонд «БЛАГОМАЙ», code 38010057, the subject of payment: the blessing of donation on the statute of disability.


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