Visit to Orphanage in v. Tripillya 2011-08-27

08/27/2011 Representatives of the charity fund «BLAGOMAY» Skrygina Tatiana, Sergey Scherbak, Julia Gajvoronsky and benefactors of the Fund on behalf of Anastasia attended Orphanage in v. Trippіllya, Obuhіv district, Kyivska region.

There are 120 children in the orphanage. As on today there are only two first-graders are in orphanage since the other kids still have not returned from summer camps. Because of this, unfortunately, we were not able to spend time with kids from orphanage.

Boarding school needs to be repaired, especially the part where the kitchen is located. We were very warmly welcomed by cook of the orpahanage Nadezhda Anatolievna, who received the help from us. She was very shy and didnt want to make picture with us, but in the end we have persuaded her.

Also, The orhanage needs a sports playground for older children (grades 5-11). There are no horizontal bar and field for games on the territory of the orphanage, there is nothing that could contribute to physical development of children and adolescents. There is only one small playground for children below 9 years.

We also discovered that right next to the orphanage, there is history archaeological museum «Old Aratta — Ukraine» and there opens a beautiful view of the river Dnepr. Full photo report about the trip you can see here:
Nadezhda who is deputy director and cook in the Orphanage sent thanks to all who participated for their kindness and mercy. Accept my sincere appreciation for the indifferent attitude to the problems of children without parental warmth.

Here is the list of things transferred to orphanage:

Baskets for toys 5 pcs.
Printer with color ink cartridges

Clothing — 6 packs
50% — new clothes, including:
15 pcs. — New uniforms for first-grade girls

Total charity which was offered: 4640 UAH

We express our sincere gratitude to the benefactors who helped with this:

Tatiana Balats
Anastasia Bordian
Julia Gaivoronskaya

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